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Welcome message

 Tenwek high school, a school of academic excellence, developer of good morals, values and a producer of great leaders.

Principal’s message.


I wish to welcome you to Tenwek high school website. As an institution that is founded on Christianity, it has continued to produce people who have made a lot of impact in the society.

The school was started in 1945 by the world gospel missionaries as an intermediate school. It was converted into a secondary school in 1961 admitting the first 30 boys. The school is guided by the school motto, “we trust in God” and each member is encouraged to uphold the school’s core values of honesty, courtesy, teamwork and continual improvement.

The school offers a wide curriculum of 15 examinable subjects and the three sciences are compulsory. Since the school adopted the policy of three sciences, many students have gone in for engineering and other professional courses like medicine and law.

The school always reviews its strategies so as to ensure that the academic performance is improved every year.

It is our hope as a school that we shall continue to do our best so as to produce students who are all round to enable them serves this nation.




SCHOOL INFORMATION The school is located in Bomet central division of Bomet county, Rift valley province. It is a six- streamed National school and …

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