Wise career choice for a bright future 

 A career can be defined as an occupation or series of occupations that an individual holds during his or her lifetime. It is a process not an event.

The process of career stretches throughout one’s lifetime with a greater emphasis during the early years of secondary education.

Both parents and teachers are therefore encouraged to guide students to identify their potential as early as possible.

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  A career decision is a process of self           discovery. It is important to answer the     questions:

      -  Who am I?

      -  What am I capable of doing?

     -  What do I want to become in the near       future?

 Failure to choose a career wisely may   result  in job frustration, low job   satisfaction, low work morale, reduced   productivity and both social and economic   consequences.

 The school has managed to guide and   encourage students to join some of the   competitive university degree courses, for   example in the university intake of 2007,   the two students who obtain a mean grade   of a straight A managed to take up a   Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery. These   are Langat Hillary at Moi University and   Langat N. Kipkoech at the University of   Nairobi.

Clubs and societies for an active, healthy mind.

The clubs and societies department is among the active department in the school. All the clubs and societies members meet every Wednesday after 4.00 pm at different venues within the compound where the students relax after serious study in their class. They also share experience and skills. The activities carried out during this time help to enhance team work and cooperation among students.

Most of the clubs and societies have participated in competitions with their counterparts from other schools up to national level. The following are some of the clubs and societies that are fully registered in school:

  • Sigma club
  • Drama
  • Scouts movement
  • C.C.K
  • Peace club
  • Young farmers
  • Music
  • Christian union
  • S.D.A
  • Y.C.S
  • Peer mediation
  • Science club
  • Cohesion  club